Cute Polka Dotted Pink Bow Tie Ribbon

My Little Pony nails

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I made this nails in order to do our first twin nails ever! Let me tell you,actually i has known this girl before cause she was my sister's roomate in university! And guess what, we known each other because of our "nailsaddict". Tara is very talented and she did her nails seriously, emphasize every single small details. I'm so proud of her and i hope i can be as good as her someday :]

Introducing my Besfie :P

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sorry it's not nail pict :P just for fun! Lemme introduce my crazy funny lovely best friends. The most important thing is : I love them so much! {}

Line Characters In Love Nail art

I'm done with my exa a a a m. I actually finished it on midnight (I still having exam the next day) What can i do? hehehek But i'm really happy with the result. Yaaayyyy

Here's the result !
 Finishing touching : Seche vite dry fast top coat !

 Repost from instagram : melisaviriya

Valentine's Day Manicure

Friday, 14 February 2014

DIY light box

I tried to make light box or soft box this week. Actually i know this stuff from my friend, She took all of her nails pict using light box and i feel that it will be nice to have one!
Light box can be made of cardboat, u cut the left and right and upper side. and cover with thin paper. (I used oilskin) Tadaah! My minimalis light box!

 Here's the result !
Taken using my hand-cam.

Essie Boom Boom Room Swatch

For Val-Days manicure, I pick essie boom boom room because this pink color's very sweet and lovely! So here is swaaattttch <3  Taken with my S4 camera n no top coat, but still stunning.

Houndstooth nails

Thursday, 6 February 2014

This is my first houndstooth nails!
I made it for #kjunkieshoundstooth on instagram
My ladies on kuteksjunkies made this event!
Glad to join it

Chinese new year nails

Colorful Dreamcather

Colorful dream cathcer inspired from The Heirs.To keep u away from bad dreams :P

 Here's my close up look! Still messy ya

Done my nails wheel !

Here's the result of hard work!
Floral set, elegant set, travel set, christmas set.
Which one do u like the most? ;]

Christmas X Sweater

 Taken with lights. No topcoat

Travel nails set

This is the most difficult yet challenging!
From left to right :
Eiffel tower
Travel label
UK flag
Downtown view
I love NY!

no filter

Elegant nails set

Done it on midnight. Sorry for glare!! too lazy to edit these photos :[

Repost from instagram : melisaviriya
"M" for my name of course :) Melisa !

Florals level up

Vintage flowers here!! From left to right :
Roses with pastel stripes
Cath kidston
Japanese flower
Roses club
Daisy with dots to tight the cuteness

Repost from instagram

Close up look cath kidston and roses with stripes. These 2 are superb!!

New way to practicin

Tadaah!! i'm back again! Sorry for late post T_T check on my instagram for super fast update te heee!
So, i bought 2 fake nailswheel last year. I should practice often while i can't wear any polish on school days. Yap school sucks here. 
Anyway this is some picture behind the scene, look how messy it was!