Cute Polka Dotted Pink Bow Tie Ribbon

Halloween Nail Art (Ragnarok nails)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Inspired from my one and only best online game, Ragnarok Online 1 ! Yap u can see the monster, oh I forgot it's name but it's in Niflheim, the cute ghost town :)

Cath Kidston Nailart

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Essie Go Ginza Swatch

I really love this purple color. It's soft and more like pastel for me. So here's Essie GO GINZA review and swatch !
 Shoot under Light desk
 Shoot near window with much sun light
Shoot under sun light

French Manicure with Flowers

Doodle nail art and Paris nails

Hi readers! I have finished my School exam, i'm sorry for posting late pictures every time :[ I'm still not on holiday! So, before last try out (not school exam actually, u can say it pra-exam lol) I have post my promotion nail art service by appointment and I got 2 more clients beside Ms.Eta.
First one is my classmate, She's a novelist,the writer of "Janji Hati". Yes, She is Elvira Natali
She asked me to make doodle fireworks and flowers on her nails. So i named it Doodle nail art :P
And do u know? She searched nail pict on instagram. And got it from Tara (My twinnie nail!!!) OMG this world is soooo smallllll
And the next is my Junior, Ms. Erren. She knows me from Vira. She asked me to do Paris nail. I was so nervous because Eiffel is not easy to do while it looks easy. And unfortunately I forgot to take photo, so she send me from line , but the pict quality doesn't good enough. At last i decided to merge it with vira's nail to reduce it's blur.

Terima Jasa Nail art Bandar Lampung

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pastel Nail art

NOTD by Melisa is open for business!! LOL I'm happy to make money from my hobby. This is really fun! I live in bandar lampung, it's so different from Jakarta. Nail salon here are rarely found, and it isn't good salon anyway. Unfortunately nailart here is not famous, people are wondering about the beauty of nail art, they said that people who wear nailart, are lazy people. (excuse me!?) But for some people, especially young people still consider that nail art are superb skill, and just few people can do nail art. So i'm still proud of myself. Anyway, i try to make my own money! No it's not that much but it's good to learn that make money isn't easy at all. The experiences are very worth also.

Eta is my junior, She's turning 17 and she throws sweet 17 party tomorrow. I don't really close to her, but we know each other since we were on junior high school. She was my 1st client :] She wants me to do pastel design on her nails cause she really loves pastels <3 floral. Here are Eta's hand with my design! Hope she likes it and feel satisfied :)

Princess and The Frog nail art

My seche vite top coat was becoming lumpy lately. Actually it's getting worse and worse since My Line "Character in love" nail art. And i can't effort it anymore! Beginner like me will be very brokenheart seeing a 1 hour + good design  turned to a mess just by topcoat. I bought seche restore but it's still on the way ( i bought it at ). I swear nail artist can't live without seche vite !! So i'm confuse to choose simple design, but must be cute of course. I opened my Instagram to search some inspiration. Then i saw Leesamantha photos, a Food art n food star n a mom also who tells story in her foods. I love all of her designs! It's too cute and fresh. It's also fun to paint. I choose Princess and the frog cause the princess remind me of Tyra Banks, And lee mentioned it herself. More of leesamantha's design on my nails soon! I'm having exam guys :> and sorry for latepost
 Instagram : @Leesamantha

At last I put my Matte top coat. I prefer this matte design :]

Winter Nail art

Monday, 3 March 2014

Still using essie mint candy apple

Essie Mint Candy Apple Swatch

The Color and formula are both stunning. You won't regret if u buy it.

Nail mail !!!

After O.P.I gwen steffani release, my friends from kuteksjunkies keep talking about the beauty of "Push n Shove". And i'm totally influenced........ So one of my friends there sell original brand polishes by chance. Check her web here : She's really friendly and she sells varied polish : OPI, essie, China Glaze, Cirque, Deborah Lippman, NCLA, Seche vite, Ruby wing, INGLOT, etc. And also many branded make up : NAKED, etc ( I'm not so interest with make up c's i'm still 17). I bought OPI push n shove and Hey baby (From gwen steffani collection) and Essie Lot of lux (I love it in first sight!!) . And my brother bought me Essie mit apple candy and Essie Tart Deco for Valentine's Day late Gift. OH who care's about late gift?! Thank's bro <3 much loves!
So here's my lovely nail mail xxxxxx <3 

 This is OPI Hey baby. I really love this Hot pink. Can't wait to apply it on my nails
and make swatchhhh
Must Have these 3 colors!!!!!

Lilo & Stitch nail


Unfortunately my nails are really fullllll of my lace nail art. :> So here's my attempt on making lilo and stitch nails using my fake nails wheel. Actually i want to paint it on my own nails T_T
I try to make this Lilo girl very detailed. I think it's good enough, oh yay!

Lace Nail Art