Cute Polka Dotted Pink Bow Tie Ribbon

Cony nail art

Friday, 30 August 2013

I'm back with my nails :] I got a cony (line naver) doll from my best friend last month, so I was thinking about this cute rabbit and finally draw on my nails :) U can look cony's different faces from line sticker on your phone!

Floral nails tutorial

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

First tutorial! Sorry for bad skills and bad focus :) Hope can help you guys! 

 First paint base colour. Let it dry.

 Then put big dots ( I dont use dotting tool, just paint it with your polish brush) as much as u like

 Let it dry! Don't be too rushy. take your small brush or nail art pen, draw circle lines just like that

 I use white cause my pink pen made me stressed.

 Finally finish it with top coat. But let it dry first before u add top coat, sometimes the colour will be vanished (idk why)

 Shoot from above. with top coat already.

Things u need. Good luck <3

OPI I have a herring problem

Review of OPI Dutch treats - i have a herring problem with Seche vite dry fast top coat. Feels like dancin under water <3 Your nails will be look gorgeous and shiny with this top coat.
And yes OPI give u good treatments, the colours are different from korean products.
I suggest you to buy Rated Polish bcs u need to keep ur nails and cuticule healthy ;)


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

 Oh so happy me <3 This is real tribal baby!!! Can't believe it I did it with Etude nail art pen :"( Good job etude!!! And this is my first time doing dreamcatcher :> inspire from tribal picts on instagram. Yeah baby yeah baby~
 Without Top Coat
See the different?

Stuffs i used. So simple but true.

Learning photography

Guys photography is really important -_- if ur camera can't focus on your nails, don't care how amazing ur nails are, it will be an awful pict.
So here is my attempt to have pict just like in my fav tumblr. Simly yet magnificent.
See i have most etude polishes. Some of them are my new revlon colours and opi minis.
You have to give a try! It's fun to take picts anyway

Pretty lacquers please

I'm back!! Just telling you my posts here are old photos. I save it safety on my phone <3
Back to nail oh nail day, My polishes became pretty lot enough.
I didn't have polish rack. Screw you store! None of them selling it.
Today i didn't go to school, gotta fever 2 days ago, damnit I can't just sleep all day!
Oh right u can see my polishes, most of them are etude (cheap baby cheap)
and my 3 idiots nail art pen in the glass (my fav glass from my English course). My mini opis are ate the back, others line up nicely <3
u can see my stamp tool too, my sister bought it herself, and couldn't use it and neither of me.
But i think i can use the sponge to make gradation nails later.
Nails stickers from etude are nay! It can't stick well on your nails, it will just ruin your base colour, nay nay nay :(

Nails for sister

My sister gave her nails to be experiment. Le me had a chance = ruined her nails baby. Beginner still need more experiment B-)

Hullo Happy Feet

Both hands done = Still wanna play with nails = Hi feet!

I'm getting crazy with nails. After painting my left hand, i feel so sorry for my right hand. I can't draw with my left hand *crying*
So i got an idea how bout my poor feet? And yes it's easy drawin on your big momma finger!!
Success on first attempt to make sakura tree, happy me continue write love and small hearts.
Thanks God that day those nail art pens didn't leak.
You know what i use right, that's oriflame cherry garden and 2 nail art pens + Top coat.

Happy Birthday to me

This is nail art for my sweet seventeen =) pink attack!
I draw cupcake on my thumb, and simply (again) for others. This was my 2nd cupcake, it's easier than you think! And rose again of course. i think it's abstract patten that no need to draw it too perfect. People will know that's a rose hee
i try to make tribal and it's failed..... tribal is nail art for beginner, but you must have a good nail art pen or a good brush! Etude nail art pen isn't helping cause it always leak -_- i can't draw with a small point....... forget it. You know it's a tribal right *no offense*

The polish :
Etude pink ( forgot the name. It's new edition)
Etude BL502
Etude nail art pen white & pink
Oriflame Top Coat

Roses and Leopard

Level up baby!
I see many nail art inspirations from web and give it try. Thank's God that's my first roses nail!
For a beginner, try to make simply thing. You can search on web beginner nail art.
The tools we need are most easy to find too :)
And this time i'm starting to use top coat (you have to believe me it will give a magic finishing!)
what I use this time :
Oriflame RED cherry garden (limited so u can use other red colour)
Nail art pen by etude code B (black)
Etude BL502 (Blue)
Etude BR301 (Pink)
Nail art pen by Etude (Pink)
Nail art pen by Etude (White) for dots u can use toothpick and white polish

Beginner is in the air

Can't stand for plain colour anymore so i try to draw easy stuffs!
From left to right : Leopard nail - animal print - look at teddy - awful flowers - crazy dots
Nah it's nay! But a good start {?} woop!
The polish are :
Oriflame floral nail polish 24060 (I swear its cheap)
Nail art pen etude Code B
Etude BL502

The very first

This isn't really my first actually, i haven't know much about nails and i don't have any tools so i buy this : OPI nothin' moussie bout it. I bought it last year so here are my awful nails!
Note : For the base color i used etude BR301

Holla olla !

Finally ! This is my first attempt on making blog. I think im not good at this but since yolo i must give a try!
I post my nail art story and the tutorial here. Nah Im just a beginner. Such a beginner ;) problem?
I won't post photo daily because i will have national exam next year *sob sob* and yet my signal on phone...... it's damn slowly you-know-why.
I hope it will give you inspiration. No need to shy to ask! 
Have a good read then :) with love <3