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Ombre nails

Friday, 4 April 2014

Hi guys, say hi to my first ombre nails. I had been doing nail art about 9 months already and i don't have any interest with ombre actually. But my friend, she was a lil bit wonder why can't I do ombre. So i give my try, because i have bought the tool too, u know, make up sponge. For this ombre, i think it's not good enough, I can still see the incosistentcy of the gradient colors, and I got no smooth surface like other people. Yes, top coat really helped but still, there is something wrong here. Well, i'll do more ombre nails from now on!

Customers' nails by me

Yaps! I got 2 clients lately ; Poppy and Vira (again) !
Poppy asked me to do monster university and Vira, for the second time, she asked me to do tribal

Spring Nail art

It was so hot these days, and i feelin so springy. I looked at @Riddhisn , the famous great nail artist from India, She made daisies on her nails and it looks so real! So I gave my try to make the same daisy as her. But mixed with my own choosen colors of spring. I choose purple, light blue, and orange to make some fresh yet light effects.And what made me really happy is Riddhi have seen my nails on instagram, she liked and commented my naipict and I was so etremely happy that i want to pass out!! And more happiest moment in my life ? She repost my pict on instagram using collage with another 3 lucky girls!! OMG i won't forget this feeling :D