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Metallica Nail Art

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I entered a nail competition held by nahkourahdoesnails about last June. I submit 2 nail art : PSY Nail art on my last post and this nail art : Metallica Nail art. Because the theme of the contest is Music cover album so i pick metallica who was published on 1996, the same year of my born.
I did won my 1st contest, but my prize : 5 bottles OPI, 1 outstanding drawpainting by nahkoura was missing up till now. I dont know why the people on the shipment-service didn't give a damn care anymore. We were both disadvantaged. Ewwwwww suckkks T-T

Well this is Dvid Guetta nail art from : SHOT ME DOWN NAIL ART feat skylar grey. I made this just because i need more inspirational design :p


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