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Pretty lacquers please

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I'm back!! Just telling you my posts here are old photos. I save it safety on my phone <3
Back to nail oh nail day, My polishes became pretty lot enough.
I didn't have polish rack. Screw you store! None of them selling it.
Today i didn't go to school, gotta fever 2 days ago, damnit I can't just sleep all day!
Oh right u can see my polishes, most of them are etude (cheap baby cheap)
and my 3 idiots nail art pen in the glass (my fav glass from my English course). My mini opis are ate the back, others line up nicely <3
u can see my stamp tool too, my sister bought it herself, and couldn't use it and neither of me.
But i think i can use the sponge to make gradation nails later.
Nails stickers from etude are nay! It can't stick well on your nails, it will just ruin your base colour, nay nay nay :(


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