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Roses and Leopard

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Level up baby!
I see many nail art inspirations from web and give it try. Thank's God that's my first roses nail!
For a beginner, try to make simply thing. You can search on web beginner nail art.
The tools we need are most easy to find too :)
And this time i'm starting to use top coat (you have to believe me it will give a magic finishing!)
what I use this time :
Oriflame RED cherry garden (limited so u can use other red colour)
Nail art pen by etude code B (black)
Etude BL502 (Blue)
Etude BR301 (Pink)
Nail art pen by Etude (Pink)
Nail art pen by Etude (White) for dots u can use toothpick and white polish


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