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Pastel Nail art

Saturday, 8 March 2014

NOTD by Melisa is open for business!! LOL I'm happy to make money from my hobby. This is really fun! I live in bandar lampung, it's so different from Jakarta. Nail salon here are rarely found, and it isn't good salon anyway. Unfortunately nailart here is not famous, people are wondering about the beauty of nail art, they said that people who wear nailart, are lazy people. (excuse me!?) But for some people, especially young people still consider that nail art are superb skill, and just few people can do nail art. So i'm still proud of myself. Anyway, i try to make my own money! No it's not that much but it's good to learn that make money isn't easy at all. The experiences are very worth also.

Eta is my junior, She's turning 17 and she throws sweet 17 party tomorrow. I don't really close to her, but we know each other since we were on junior high school. She was my 1st client :] She wants me to do pastel design on her nails cause she really loves pastels <3 floral. Here are Eta's hand with my design! Hope she likes it and feel satisfied :)


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