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Doodle nail art and Paris nails

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hi readers! I have finished my School exam, i'm sorry for posting late pictures every time :[ I'm still not on holiday! So, before last try out (not school exam actually, u can say it pra-exam lol) I have post my promotion nail art service by appointment and I got 2 more clients beside Ms.Eta.
First one is my classmate, She's a novelist,the writer of "Janji Hati". Yes, She is Elvira Natali
She asked me to make doodle fireworks and flowers on her nails. So i named it Doodle nail art :P
And do u know? She searched nail pict on instagram. And got it from Tara (My twinnie nail!!!) OMG this world is soooo smallllll
And the next is my Junior, Ms. Erren. She knows me from Vira. She asked me to do Paris nail. I was so nervous because Eiffel is not easy to do while it looks easy. And unfortunately I forgot to take photo, so she send me from line , but the pict quality doesn't good enough. At last i decided to merge it with vira's nail to reduce it's blur.


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