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Princess and The Frog nail art

Saturday, 8 March 2014

My seche vite top coat was becoming lumpy lately. Actually it's getting worse and worse since My Line "Character in love" nail art. And i can't effort it anymore! Beginner like me will be very brokenheart seeing a 1 hour + good design  turned to a mess just by topcoat. I bought seche restore but it's still on the way ( i bought it at ). I swear nail artist can't live without seche vite !! So i'm confuse to choose simple design, but must be cute of course. I opened my Instagram to search some inspiration. Then i saw Leesamantha photos, a Food art n food star n a mom also who tells story in her foods. I love all of her designs! It's too cute and fresh. It's also fun to paint. I choose Princess and the frog cause the princess remind me of Tyra Banks, And lee mentioned it herself. More of leesamantha's design on my nails soon! I'm having exam guys :> and sorry for latepost
 Instagram : @Leesamantha

At last I put my Matte top coat. I prefer this matte design :]


Stephanie Indah Mulya said...

meeellll follow button nya dikeluarin donggg.. kalo ngga susah mau follownya soalnya hehehehe

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